WolfePAKs are easy to use, easy to open, portable med packs.  Our staff will synchronize all of your medications and package them into our WolfePAKs for free. Printed on the med packs will be your name, list of medications, description of each medication, medicine instructions, and date and time of day you are supposed to take each medication. You can choose to purchase a variety of vitamins through our pharmacy which we will then include in your WolfePAK. We will also deliver them to your home at no extra cost.  We will personally contact your doctor about updates and refills, as well as contact you monthly to check for any changes in medications. No more waiting in line, no more missing doses or refilling pill boxes. This convenient, personalized program allows you a safer and easier way to take the right medications at the right time, even with an on-the-go lifestyle.

• Pre-sorted & packaged by dose and time of day. 
• Shows at-a-glance whether medications were taken
• Easy to follow system helps eliminate missed & double doses
• Convenient alternative to filling weekly pill boxes
• Easy-to-use tear off dosage compartments
• Includes a list and image of each medication
• Free local home delivery
• Worry-free medication refill
• Most major insurance programs accepted

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